This is the perfect time for you learn the necessary things you need to know about firearms law.  Improper use of your firearm can get you into serious legal trouble if not land you in jail. 

If you're a gun owner and own a gun for personal or home protection or carry a firearm on a regular basis in Florida or other states; you're going to want to take this class. 

In this class we will discuss the law aspects of firearms and personal protection, the use of lethal force in and outside the home and how it applies to private citizens, protection of others, selling, buying, concealed vs. open carry and much, much more.  (Course 3-4 Hours). 

There is a question and answer session after the seminar allowing you ask the questions you've been wanting to ask. Come ask and get the facts you need to protect yourself.  

Topics in this course:

  • FL Permits & Licensing
  • FL State Law vs. Federal Laws and how they interact.
  •  Fish & Game
  •  Criminal Code
  • Traveling with your firearm (Autos, Planes & Trains)
  • When you can Use of Lethal Force and what you ABSOLUTELY need to know.
  • Selling and Buying guns, private sales, interstate & intrastate
  • Transferred Intent
  • Disparity of Force and what it means
  • Defending Life & Property (know the difference)
  • Carrying in Schools and what you need to know.
  • The aftermath of a defensive shooting and Dealing with the Police
  • Legal Defense Insurance
  • Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA)
  • Preemption Laws and How they apply
  • FL Stand your Ground Law
  • The FL Castle Doctrine
  • What is Justifiable Homicide
  • Where you can legally carry and where you can't.
  • How Fish & Game laws also apply to you.
  • Pistols, Shotguns & Rifles
  • And Much More.