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Reliance on one's own powers and resources rather than those of others

Highly Certified and Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are NRA certified. Providing you with the most comprehensive firearm training courses available. Instructors come from backgrounds in law enforcement and/or competitive sport pistol shooting. Providing you with the most qualified instructors.

Florida Concealed Carry Training

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Comprehensive Training

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While B2 Defense tailors many of their classes to women, B2 Defense welcomes all shooters at all levels and experience. Our courses and services are tailored to the individual or group’s needs. We are not a big box / one size fits all training company; we take time to get to know you, your needs, and experience and help you develop skills within your ability and at your pace.  We believe that training must be functional to be valuable and we pride ourselves in offering more than just shooting classes. Your B2 Defense instructors are lifelong learners, and you will often find us on the range or in a class training or reading and researching; not only to grow and improve ourselves, but also to bring new courses, content, the best in training practices to you.
Our mission is to educate our students in safe and responsible firearms handling and ownership, while helping them feel confident in their ability to protect and care for themselves and their loved ones.   The right to self-protection is a fundamental human right and we believe in empowering our students to be able to rely on their own skills, training, and abilities. We are committed to always offering more than just shooting at paper target.
"Training must be functional to be valuable" is not just a mantra, it is how we approach all of our training events. Your firearm is just one tool, and there are a lot of other tools that you should have in your toolbox. In addition to live and dry-fire training, we offer non-shooting, decision making, medial classes, home security evaluations, and more. We create realistic training programs that maximize hands-on learning, critical situation assessment, and enable our clients to successfully master techniques that focus on safety and self-defense. We will teach you the most effective, safe and results oriented methods that you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Train with us and together we will take your skills and abilities to the next level.
Many people have trained by shooting a gun at paper targets, punching holes, and feeling good about themselves. The problem with that kind of training is that paper targets never shoot back. Force-on-force situation-based training is the only activity that permits you to actually be in a gunfight with real consequences. Getting hit by a marker round is uncomfortable, but certainly less uncomfortable than being shot with live ammunition. We use special handguns and marker ammunition to test the level of your training and to refine your survival mindset, philosophies, and skills. Likely for the first time, you will experience someone attempting to “kill” you. You will learn what your current training levels and beliefs are and if they are sufficient to protect yourself and your loved ones. You’ll find out if you can respond well enough to keep an attacker from harming you. This training is not a sport. In the real world, you can’t throw in the towel if things aren’t going well — losing isn’t an option! This is the objective of this training – to provide you with the experience of having been in situations that could happen to any law-abiding gun owner at home, place of work, or in public areas. Our training philosophy is simple: Training must be FUNCTIONAL to be of value. If the training cannot be immediately applied or if it is too complicated, that training is ineffective and will be of little value when needed. Functionality within a hostile environment is a direct result of effective, efficient, and practical training preparing a responsible citizen to lawfully overcome threats and to defend against any assault.
With the number of women shooters on the rise, B2 Defense is dedicated to providing programs and resources to female gun enthusiasts.

B2 Defense is a woman owned company
Meet your Lead Instructor Erica Brown:
Erica Brown is the founder and President of B2 Defense, Inc. B2 Defense is a company dedicated to growing the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence.

Erica has devoted herself to firearms, self-defense, tactical and instructor training with many well-respected veterans of the industry. She is passionate about teaching other people to be safe with firearms and to protect and defend themselves and their families.

Erica started shooting later in life and has found her passion in instructing and training. She is a National Rifle Association member and holds several NRA Instructor certifications, as well as NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events trainer. Erica believes in incorporating both real-life experiences and her training experiences into all levels of instruction. She loves working with new and experienced shooters to help them learn how to be safe with firearms, while learning, understanding, and developing the fundamental skills that they need.

Other Instructors:

Russell Brown

Russell began shooting at the age of sixteen as a police explorer. He eventually became a police officer and currently has over 35 years of experience in law enforcement. He has had extensive training in self-defense, tactical firearms, active shooter, home defense, dignitary protection, anti-terrorism, and civil disorder response. Russell is an NRA member and holds several certifications, including NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Stop the Bleed instructor, and Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events trainer.

Erica and Russell train using hands-on approach and a system of “hear- see - do”, this training approach allows students to hear what they are going to do, see what they are going to do, then execute on what was explained and demonstrated. They also continuously train with other industry experts, regularly challenging themselves to improve their own skills.

In a continued effort to bring the very best training opportunities to their students, they also love hosting other veteran industry instructors. This allows them to offer some great training opportunities for their students to learn from other experts whose home bases are out-of-state.

Erica can be reached at ebrown@b2defense.com
Russell can be reached at rbrown@b2defense.com
The office can be reached at b2defensetraining@gmail.com
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Offering B2 developed classes and instruction, as well as NRA Firearms and Personal Protection Courses (Including several classes that qualify you for the firearms portion of the Florida Concealed Weapon License application):

All courses, workshops and clinics are available for private, small & large groups, large or small office staff, and ladies’ or guy’s only.

  • Firearms Training
    • See below for a full list of courses

  • Home / Personal Safety Courses
    • See below for a full list of courses

  • Life Skills Courses
    • See below for a full list of courses

  • Celebrations / Team Building
    • Ladies’ Night Out at the Range
    • Guys’ Night Out at the Range
    • Couples’ Night Out at the Range
    • Birthday Celebrations at the Range
    • Bachelor / Bachelorette Celebrations at the Range

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Florida Concealed Carry Class

Florida Concealed Carry Class

Topics include: • Firearms Safety • Handgun and Ammunition Overview • Safe Storage • Holster Types • Concealed Carry and Self Defense Law This class is perfect for shooters of all levels. This is a low-stress class that will help build comfort and confidence in carrying a concealed handgun. The class concludes with a live-fire qualification where students will be asked to demonstrate safe gun handling and shooting skills. Successful completion of this course will earn students the certificate of completion needed to meet the firearm requirement for your Florida Concealed Weapons License application.

Classes Taught BY Women, FOR Women


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Broward County Chapter of A Girl & A Gun

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Introduction to Handguns

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Pistol Shooting Fundamentals

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Gun Handling and Marksmanship

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Drawing From a Holster

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Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Basics

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Shooting & Moving 1 & 2

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Defensive Pistol

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Defensive Pistol 2

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Skill Builder Clinics

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Internet Safety

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This episode of The MagLife learning to shoot series with Tatiana Whitlock covers selecting the right handgun for your needs and body type.

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 I recently had date night at the gun range. My husband is very comfortable with guns, but I have very little experience. Erica ran a very safe and professional couples night at the range. She spent time explaining everything which made me feel more comfortable. Erica spent time with me before I shot each gun explaining how to load, unload and fire it safely. I’m happy to say, with the information, explanations, and practice, I was confident enough to shoot every gun they had there and even won the couples challenge with my husband! 

Vanessa P

 I’ve been out with them multiple times and always feel comfortable around them! I learn something new every time and highly recommend them for all levels of experience!!! 

Shelby T

 I have nothing but great things to say about Erica and Russ from B2 Defense. I’ve taken several courses with them and leave each lesson with a full plate of knowledge. My accuracy has improved and I’m now very confident in my ability to conceal carry; they really take the time to get to know you and tailor their teaching approach to each student based on their needs and learning style. I 100% recommend them and am already scheduled to take additional training courses. Thank you both! 

Yvonne P.

 Highly knowledgeable! We had training with them (continue to) and they are wonderful! Russ and Erica Make you feel comfortable, learn about safety, they teach you what you need to know, learn a lot and gain confidence. Please contact them for your training!! We love them!! 

Renee K

 Erica and Russ of B2 Defense are amazing instructors. They are both extremely patient and very knowledgeable. I have taken a few classes with them already and am looking forward to more in the near future. 

Nadine C

Past Events

Gun Cleaning Clinic12 Mar 2023To Be Announced
Stop the Bleed12 Mar 2023To Be Announced
Defensive Pistol 104 Feb 20237055 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL 34972, USA
Firearms Safety and Concealed Carry Class08 Jan 2023To Be Announced
Shooting Journal Workshop07 Jan 20237055 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL 34972, USA
Wreaths Across America17 Dec 20226501 Florida 7, Lake Worth, FL, USA
Bullets and Brunch09 Oct 2022Gun World South Florida
Bullets and Brunch20 Feb 2022Gun World South Florida
Couples Night21 Sep 20181700 South Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA
Guy's Night Out31 Jul 20181700 South Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA
The safety of our students is our number one priority. At B2 Defense we always follow the fundamental rules of firearms safety, as well as any class, range or location specific rules and policies. These rules and policies will always be discussed at the beginning of every class.

We reserve the right to remove any student from any class for any unsafe or disruptive behavior, or any violation of safety rules, policies and procedures. Student removal from a class is at the sole discretion of the B2 Defense lead instructor.

Students who are removed from any class will not receive a refund in full or in part. 
Tuition and Deposit Payments
Tuition and deposit payment options and requirements may vary based on the class, location, etc. Payment options will be provided with registration information. Some classes may require deposits, additional range fees or advanced payment in full.

Refund Policy
All refunds are subject to B2 Defense Cancelation and No-Show Policies. Tuition, deposits, range fees, and / or service or processing fees may be non-refundable. 
Student Cancellations & No-Shows
If a student cancels ten (10) days or more before class, the student has the following options:
  • Receive a credit for the tuition or deposit, to apply towards a future B2 Defense instructed class, within the next 12 months. This credit is 100% non-refundable after issuing.
  • Receive a refund, minus any non-refundable deposit, range fees, service and/or processing fees, to their original form of payment.
If a student cancels less than ten (10) days before the class, or is a no-show, the student’s tuition, deposit and service / processing fees will not be refunded and cannot be applied to any other class.

B2 Defense Cancellations
If a class is cancelled by B2 Defense, we will make every effort to inform all registered students as quickly as possible. If B2 Defense cancels a class, all registered students will be eligible to receive a tuition or deposit refund, minus any non-refundable deposits, range fees, service and/or processing fees.

Students will be given an opportunity to credit the tuition or deposit to any B2 Defense instructed class within the next 12 months.

Natural Disaster Cancellations
If a class is canceled because of a natural disaster all registered students will be eligible to receive a tuition or deposit refund, minus any non-refundable deposits, range fees, service and/or processing fees.

Students will be given an opportunity to credit the tuition or deposit to any B2 Defense instructed class within the next 12 months.
In some circumstances, the law forbids people from having or handling firearms. To ensure our compliance with the law, our policy is that anyone forbidden by law to own or possess a firearm is also ineligible to register for our firearms classes.

In accordance with the law any person who falls into any of these categories:

  • who has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;
  • who is a fugitive from justice;
  • who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act, codified at 21 U.S.C. § 802);
  • who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution;
  • is an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States or an alien admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa;
  • who has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;
  • who has renounced his or her United States citizenship;
  • who is subject to a court order restraining the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of the intimate partner;
  • who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence;
  • who is under indictment or information for a felony;
  • who has been adjudicated delinquent of a crime that would have been a felony if committed by an adult until the age of 24 or until record is expunged;
  • who has received “Adjudication Withheld” on any felony or on a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence and three years has not yet lapsed since the completion of sentencing provisions; or
  • who was recently arrested for a potentially disqualifying crime which has not been dismissed or disposed of in court.
B2 Defense also reserves the right to decline to train any person who, for any reason, is unable to safely handle a firearm. We will make any and all reasonable accommodations when we are safely able to. Please contact us with any questions prior to registering for a class.