Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Basics

This comprehensive concealed carry course combines on classroom discussions and dry-fire with range dry-fire practice and live-fire drills created to build your concealed carry confidence and skills.

Classroom Topics Include:

  • Safe Firearms Handling and Fundamental Rules Review
  • Firearms Law Overview
  • Decision Making
    • Verbal
    • Less Lethal Options
    • Shoot / Don’t Shoot
  • On Body vs. Off Body Considerations
    • Off-Body
      • Purse
    • On-Body
      • Inside the Waistband Holster
      • Bra / Fanny Pack / Ankle / Tank Top
      • Underwear Holster / Leggings
  • Holster Selection and Placement
  • How to Access and Draw Your Pistol (dry-fire)
  • Safely Returning Your Pistol to the Holster (dry-fire)

Range Topics Include:

  • Safe Firearms Handling and Fundamental Firearms and Range Rules Review
  • How to Access, Draw and Holster Your Pistol
    • Dry Fire Review
    • Live Fire Practice
  • Off-Body Considerations
    • Dry Fire Review
  • Decision Making

Students must understand how their gun functions and be able to load, unload and show clear, while always following the fundamental safety rules.